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Chive flower tempura - food from my garden

The garden is looking pretty good at the moment - I like my garden overcrowded and full of stuff. The nettles are doing well  - their purpose is to attract butterflies, but it hasn't happened yet. The apple tree has a lot of tiny apples waiting to grow - the June drop should be a big one. Not sure if I have the patience to follow the RHS advice to thin by hand! The pond is looking very full and clear, now that I have diverted rainwater into it. Just hope that these heavy showers we've been having don't wash out all the good stuff as it overflows.

But what caught my eye the other day was a large number of chive flowers. These in this picture have probably gone over a bit and the stems are lying down but I did find some fresher ones. 

Now I'm not a fanatic about sustainability and re-use, indeed I'm more than a little sceptical about many of the threats the eco-lobby hold out, but I do hate to see something go to waste. I vaguely remembered that the chive flower could be used in salads, just as the stem can be used for flavouring so a bit of research on the internet (Google (perhaps you've heard of it) knows the answer to everything) found me some good advice on how to use chive flowers. I particularly like the idea of tempura - I enjoy it in Japanese restaurants, and I'd not cooked it before so possibly worth a try. I found a recipe on a site called veggiebelly which is beautifully presented and makes it all seem clean and highly aesthetic. Not quite like my results (see below) which is messy and visually questionable, but which still tastes pretty good.

I collected the flowers, followed the recipe and the results you can see below. Three of us shared the meal, we added in some tempura banana (fritters) and determined to do it again. The pictures are from my second attempt, which tasted just as good as the first.

I suspect the purchase of club soda and the use of the freezer to chill it completely destroys any hint of eco-credentials.

Tempura strawberries is not an experiment I will repeat.


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