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Haringey are stealthy increasing the amount it will cost to park in the 'Stop and Shop' zones - normally to increase parking charges there would have to be various procedures to follow - not this time.  Up until now people wishing to park could buy the appropriate amount of parking time from a machine - the cost of maintaining these machines being borne by Haringey.  Fearing the cost of converting the machines to accept the new £1 coins Haringey has a wonderful wheeze - remove the machines so everyone has to use either a PayPoint enables shop or the online/mobile app PayByPhone - so the cost of running the existing system is now transferred to the app users who must now pay at least 20p for the privilege each time they park plus a further 10p unless you opt out of a reminder message when your parking session comes to an end.  Now I freely admit to using the mobile app all over London, it is convenient and you can buy extra time but there is no reduction in the price of parking to compensate for the cost which is now transferred to the users and extra revenue for our cash-strapped council being forced to cut Children's library services but funding Chicken restaurants in Tottenham on the rates...

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Comment by Paul Soper on September 23, 2017 at 18:33

Problem is that if you are looking to park you only see a machine which says it is being removed and you should use Pay To Park, the machines do not suggest using PayPoint - once the machines are removed the signage will have to be changed (at great further expense of course) but the odds are, like every other borough that has done this the signage will not suggest PayPoint unless they put up some very fine print.  When Haringey introduced Pay To Park the charge was supposed to be 20p according to the signs but Pay To Park charged 40p to cover the text message to tell you that you've parked and the text messages to warn you that your session is nearly ending.  I believe you can now opt out from the warnings although they are actually the most useful part of the process...

Comment by Adrian Essex on September 23, 2017 at 9:59

I think I'm actually in favour of this change. The mechanism is very clearly set out.  Owning a smartphone is not necessary, though most car owners will have one. Owning a phone is not necessary if you use the 'where is my nearest paypoint shop?" on the internet at home before setting off to wherever it is you are going to park. The main burden seems to be the amount of preparation you need to do. But even with the machines I generally have to buy something in a nearby shop to get the change.

Comment by Adrian Essex on September 18, 2017 at 7:53

There are some good points. Reducing street furniture, for instance, if they actually do remove the old machines. Reducing the temptation for thieves to damage the machines to steal the contents. Reducing the overall cost of running the parking system in the borough, I guess, though I haven't seen the figures. My guess is that it costs less to employ PaybyPhone than it costs to maintain the machines. But what you might hope is that Haringey would bear the cost. It must be possible to calculate the cost of each parking event for running the machines. Is that more or less than 20p. How many 20ps are PaybyPhone going to collect? Is 20p a fair price for receiving a text message and putting a registration mark in a database?

How many people will get tickets as they walk to the nearest PayPoint shop to pay cash?

I use a motor bike for some journeys. Camden and Islington only allow motor bike parking in designated bays. Haringey allows it in most parking bays. But if 'pay and display' has gone, them bikes can be charged too. 

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