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Suggested answers to the Finsbury Park track consultation

Please complete the Haringey Questionnaire and show your support for the extended opening hours, the discreet downlighters on the carriageways and the saving of the facility. The alternative is that the track is padlocked and the buildings boarded up, with all the inevitable decay that would lead to.
The Haringey questionnaire is online at http://www.haringey.gov.uk/finsburypark_consultation
Please fire up your browsers and go to this address and answer the 6 relevant questions as set out below. Please also answer the 7 personal questions as tactfully as you can.
Q1 To what extent do you support the proposed improvements to the sports facilities at the park?  --  Strongly Support
Q2 - Reasons - We can suggest for instance - Because the track's well being is important to the Park, to the Clubs which use it and to the Olympic legacy  and because the alternative is the closure of the track which would have a marked detrimental effect on  the Park
Q3 - Please tell us the main reason why you don’t support the proposed improvements - leave blank
Q4 - Use this space to make any other comments about the proposed improvements -You may think of many comments but we can suggest - Increased community use, tackling obesity, increasing physical activity rates, engaging young people, providing a wide range of activities, making good use of a valuable community asset
Q5 - Please rank from 1 to 5 your preferred extended opening time ( 1 being your first choice and 5 being your last choice) - please rank these in the order they appear on the questionnaire
Q6 - Use this space to make any other comments about the proposed change to opening hours: - These are minor but important changes to ensure the viability of the track and gym
The remaining questions are about you and help Haringey understand who, in general, has completed the questionnaire

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