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Broadcast Message 20110721

Welcome to another of our occasional updates on OpinioN8 activity, listing new discussions from the past fortnight.

I'd like to start with a paradoxical request rather than a survey or a quiz. OpinioN8 has a healthy number of members, it shows up well in searches and gets lots of page views and visitors, but by contrast it gets relatively few responses to discussions. So my paradox/anomaly is to ask those of you who choose not to post or respond to send a private  email to Adrian at opinion8@rocketmail.com to let me know how to improve engagement.


Or just click ons some of the links below to join in.

Our most recent survey has found someone who relies on Haringey People for Council information

Just a selection of the discussions started or updated since our last broadcast

A question from Twitter brought helpful suggestions for guarding against data loss

Adrian is worried about the Frenchification of a good old British rank

Can anyone explain the unsightly overflow from the clock tower

There is still time to offer help with Julia's child care problems

Budgen's held its first wine club , but no one has written to tell us how it went

Piers and Dominic are proposing a Crouch End radio station

Jo has had trouble with her packages

The closure of Crouch End's one stop shop has troubled Betty

Riley's Ice Cream Parlour has had some bad news

There has been a debate about the best coffee in Crouch End and a price war

Cupcake has found a use for her lavender

Adrian queries a couple of planning decisions

Jo and Adrian play word games

Cupcakes mention of the Alexandra Palace Equestrian campaign is rendered very well informed by Interested of N19

Clive offers us a doomsday scenario??

A local star appears in a new BBC drama

Blogs, and some invitations

Read some members blogs, and feel free to add your own

Do you know someone who would enjoy/benefit from/contribute to OpinioN8.  Use this link to send invitations - a broader membership will improve our discussions

Use our photo section to add something that has caught your eye


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