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Broadcast message - 20110427

27 votes were cast in last week's poll - thank you for your contributions - this week we return to a local theme - what are Hornsey/Crouch End's political leanings?

Just a selection of the discussions started or updated since our last broadcast

Clive observes a resident learning the essential truth of the CPZ

Some leftover recipe advice

Hot Cross Buns get the once over (more than once)

Cupcake finds some slight relief to the parking situation

An old superstition proves its worh

Adrian finds medieval agricultural methods being used in Crouch End

Cupcake finds a charity app

The dog poo campaign misses out on a hoped for power boost

Cupcake enjoys a Community Rub

A constructive use for dog muck? Can they be serious?

A cartographic question (where is Crouch End?) raises wider issues

High tech fly tipping report seems to work

Adrian notes a controversial nearby waste disposal development

A FulmiN8 about theme parks, the public and transport generates controversy based on its title

More businesses close down in Crouch End, though some at least are very succesful

Cupcake sees the poo benefit in Weston Park of . . . .?

Adrian avoids a Twitter trap

A photo interaction with Twitter (Q and A)

Adrian wonders about weather forecasts - clive makes a constructive suggestion

Clive offers advice on unsolicited phone calls

Adrian attempts to see through the misinformation to find a powerful argument on the voting referendum



Blogs, a book group and some invitations

Clive has povided a very, very punny resource

Cupcake has been horse riding . . . 

 . . . . and to the zoo

Clive has posted a well researched, logical and constructive suggestion for Alexandra Palace 

Adrian has suggested a book for the Book Group

Take a look at the events listed in our calendar

Talented Crouch Enders - its not meant to be taken seriously - but would you like to contribute a talent - perhaps you can sing in tune, or drink a pint in less than 6 seconds, or both simultaneously, or something quite else. Let us know, perhaps by writing a blog.

Do you know someone who would enjoy/benefit from/contribute to OpinioN8.  Use this link to send invitations

Please feel free to join and contribute to our burgeoning festival of groups


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