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Broadcast message - 20110418

Most of you got the correct answer to last week's question - a bit more information here - this week's question is local insofar as we all read and all have the internet

Just a selection of the discussions started or updated since our last broadcast

Express your view on the UNESCO World Heritage status proposal for Alexandra Palace

Cupcake continues apace with a very practical dog poo activity . . . 

 . . . and notes another on a small island

Fortnightly rubbish collections get another airing and some new information

Cupcake would be content to be content but documents a stairway to happiness

There is some talk of snobbery in respect of Wetherpoons

Adrian and Cupcake (re)discover the joys of Hornsey Historical Society

It seems that Ally Pally has some rather splendid(?) new pedalos

Adrian will be tempted by an appalling recipe idea

Cupcake publicises a petition which Adrian has already said is wrong on every level

Adrian finds a new way to report fly tipping etcetera and has added the Haringey report a problem link to the main page

Lynne Featherstone seeks support for a long running Fairer Funding for Haringey schools campaign

Kim Kalan is Londoner of a recent Day

Twitter provides us with news of pedalos at AllyPally

Blogs, a book group and some invitations

Adrian gets back on a hobby horse to follow up his previous rant well argued and entirely reasonable critique

 Clive has posted a well researched, logical and constructive suggestion for Alexandra Palace 

OpinioN8 now has a Book Group - join the group and then join the discussions.

Take a look at the events listed in our calendar

Talented Crouch Enders - its not meant to be taken seriously - but would you like to contribute a talent - perhaps you can sing in tune, or drink a pint in less than 6 seconds, or both simultaneously, or something quite else. Let us know, perhaps by writing a blog.

Do you know someone who would enjoy/benefit from/contribute to OpinioN8.  Use this link to send invitations

Please feel free to join and contribute to our burgeoning festival of groups


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