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Broadcast message - 20110404

Many Thanks to Ravel for the perfect mnemonic to remember Crouch END Hill: "Get your END away at the massage parlour". This week's one question local knowledge quiz (with answer) here

Just a selection of the discussions started or updated since our last broadcast

Local and Global support for victims of the Japanese tsunami

Cupcake drools with overtones of cannibalism

Unpredicted and unnecessary costs to councils

 The Stephen King connection

OpinioN8 is now a campaigning site - Cupcake tackles poo

The cuts - 101 playgroup needs support - Children's centres consultation - and a vaguely related blog

Haringey gets some plaudits - online resources and satellite dishes

Cupcake wants to know about Mr Trebus

GN8 spots the outcome of the standards committee hearing

Cupcake keeps us updated on a run in with the lawhonkingfireworksstuffing our faces and donating old bikes

A new group gets its first, very positive, eating out review

A Blog and some invitations

Talented Crouch Enders - its not meant to be taken seriously - but would you like to contribute a talent - perhaps you can sing in tune, or drink a pint in less than 6 seconds, or both simultaneously, or something quite else. Let us know, perhaps by writing a blog.

Do you know someone who would enjoy/benefit from/contribute to OpinioN8.  Use this link to send invitations

And finally, join the OpinioN8 on the Daily Telegraph Fantasy RaceTrack for Aintree and the Grand National. Go to http://fantasyracing.telegraph.co.uk and click on the orange oval "Make your selections now". Pick 3 jockeys and three trainers (you can't just pick the top three, you need some from further down the list until the numbers add up to 34). Enter your email, choose "No, I'm a new player" and make up a password you can remember. Click Submit. On the next page enter your details and click submit. On the next page enter OpinioN8 as the League Name and 8000663 as the PIN. Just for fun, mind. No real money will change hands.

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