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20190918 The Liveable Crouch End Project pokes its head above the parapet

Two main things prompt this note, firstly the publication of some tangible stuff from the Liveable Crouch End project, and secondly, the appearance of a number of interesting local events on the OpinioN8 site.

The Liveable Crouch End project has been going on for some time now, but this is almost the first time that a wide public audience has been given sight of what it might mean. Take a look for yourself on the Haringey Liveable Crouch End website at what is really quite a well organised set of data, although it is limited in scope only to the road closure trials.

The Events pages have a good collection of items, many from the Hornsey Historical Society.
My last missive complained that many in Crouch End had never heard of the Liveable project. I don't think that will be true after October 7th when several Roads will be shut for a fortnight's trial. 

The proposed trial changes to the roads in the Crouch End area:

  • A bus/cycle only gate on Middle Lane, at its northern end with Priory Road / Hornsey High Street - operating between 7am and 7pm
  • Hillfield Ave closed at its junction with High Street - operating 24 hours a day
  • Birkbeck Road just south of St Mary’s Road - closed 24 hours a day
  • Weston Park will be closed 24 hours a day with a small public area where it meets the Broadway
  • Middle Lane will be closed 24 hours a day with a public area at its southern end, near Park Road.
Check out the Haringey Crouch End Road Closure Trials web page for more details. You should be able to find a diversions map, and details of current traffic volumes.

As a prelude to this substantial trial there will be a taster on Sep 22nd when Middle Lane will be closed for car free day

Our councillors have organised a meeting to look more closely at the proposals. It will be on Sunday 29th September in the Library at  2pm 

Our events section has some interesting entries

The Liveable Crouch End is really quite important. The chance to get more than £5m invested in Crouch End will crop up only rarely. We should take the chance to offer suggestions, and articulate our desires.

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