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20190730 - Partial Intermittent Reinforcement

Dear Adrian Essex,
Behavioural psychologists long ago discovered that if you reward a pigeon with food every time it pecks the button, it soon stops pecking when you stop the reward. But if the reward comes rarely and at unpredictable intervals the pecking continues for a long time after the reward stops. OpinioN8 newsletters come rarely and at unpredictable intervals, but you might not consider them a reward. There's an unsubscribe link somewhere.
The Liveable Crouch End Project has been going on for a long time now, and has suffered from leaflet drops, public meetings, co-design workshops and all sorts of other modern consultancy engagement efforts. Yet I'm still told that many Crouch Enders have never head of it. When it happens it will bring a back lash, so I'm trying to get my retaliation in first. For instance I'm unhappy with the current management approach. And there is more stuff on Opinion8 should you be interested
The Hornsey Town Hall white elephant is taking shape rather neatly. Building works, which should have started on November 2nd, have now begun with the erection of hoardings. The Neighbourhood Forum is being much more diligent about documenting this than OpinioN8 is. Rumour is that Musion, who were to have been the anchor tenants, have pulled out amid acrimony. I can't confirm this. Musion still gives its address as HTH 
Our events section has few entries at present, but they are rather splendid.
  • There will be a girls' cricket camp at the North Middlesex Club on August 6th. Relevant in all sorts of ways, with two Ashes series and a World Cup in cricket this summer, and proper recognition for the women's soccer team.
  • Hornsey Historical Society continues to put on enticing events, including a "surgery" on September 6th.
  • And given that creativity is a pre-requisite residency qualification for Crouch End who could resist a writing course in a Chocolate Factory
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The discussion section still as a smattering of items, many thanks to our regular contributors.
The leader and cabinet model of local authority continues to throw up strife even after an almost complete change of regime. 

The Liveable Crouch End is really quite important. The chance to get more than £5m invested in Crouch End will crop up only rarely. We should take the chance to offer suggestions, and articulate our desires.

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