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20170810 Seismic Events at Hornsey Town Hall

Hornsey Town Hall
Sorry to keep going on about this, but it is a bit like an earthquake. Last week our councillors were massive champions of the FEC bid for Hornsey Town Hall. This week "Our [councillors'] support for your [FEC] application is contingent on the issues that we have raised being adequately addressed."  A link to their open letter and a commentary upon it can be found in this entirely even-handed and reasonable assessment.
The change of heart comes because OpinioN8 published a link to the supposedly secret financial calculations behind the bid. Makes a mockery of their mockery.
I've set out a few of the reasons I think that FEC deal is a bad one. I could do more , but , honestly, there aren't enough hours in the day.
Do take a look at Alan Stanton's tweet and read his comments on HDV and learning from experience

Now that the Crouch End Councillors are listening, this would be a good time to talk to them. Their surgeries are on the 2nd3rd and 4th Saturdays of the month in Hornsey Library.  Just pop along with your favourite questions, though it might be worth checking holiday arrangements.

One wonders if there are any parallels with the HDV? If they can get a tiny £100m project like this so badly wrong, what could they do with £2 billion

Other News
The Post Office is to be franchised
The Haringey Advertiser is no more
Middeys - well what can we say
Moped Thieves - has this story gone off the boil?
Out of hours access to GPs

The Karamel Klub is as busy as ever over in Wood Green.
29th August - Children's Cricket Camp
15th October - Craft and Gift Event

"This is the first time us [sic] three Crouch End ward Councillors have seen these numbers . . . ."  - believe it if you like of the Cabinet Member for Finance and the Chair of the Planning Committee

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