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20161007 - Halt The Hotel at Hornsey Town Hall

This newsletter is devoted to a single topic - Hornsey Town Hall and Haringey's announcement of a preferred bidder.
And I'm asking you to do something - write to one of our councillors, and/or our MP, and/or the Cabinet members responsible. Addresses at the foot of the page. And sign the HTHAS petition when it comes.

This decision is wrong in so many ways. Let us consider just a few.

  1. A hotel! How The Hell do they decide on a hotel. One, just one, consultee in the much vaunted HTH Can't Talk consultation wanted a hotel. Probably a slip of the pen. The consultants say it won't work and Yet  . . . 
  2. The preferred bidder is an overseas buyer based in the Cayman Islands - creating a  Haringey Tax Haven  - at a time when the Mayor is concerned about foreign ownership de-stabilising the London property market, and everyone hates it when Google and others don't pay their taxes. What are Haringey thinking of.
  3. And as for consultation - our voice , the Hornsey Town Hall Can't Talk, still can't talk, because it's not over yet. I don't feel represented. And remember this body now has an extra Labour Party lickspittle on its board followingSarah Elliott's shameful defection in the face of a 2:1 majority against Labour.
  4. And what of the alternative. Luckily we know what this would have been. Pretty damned attractive. Read How The other Half bids or take a look at theHTHAS newsletter which has the full statement from the runners up, as well as a picture of a Christmas tree

Even the Ham and High seems to be taking a position.

So if you feel even half as strongly as I evidently do , please let your Councillors (all three of them Labour) know. Let Catherine West know - she will be in the Town Hall on 13th October, a few days before the Cabinet meeting, to talk to you. Let Claire Kober, the Cabinet's Lord High Panjandrum, and Alan Strickland, cabinet member for something really important, know. The shamelessness that accrues from having a majority of 50:7 probably means the Cabinet won't take a blind bit of notice, but at least make your voice heard.

Click here to answer a one question poll about the Town Hall. 

Send emails to these people:

Crouch End councillors –

Leader of the council –

Cabinet member for Housing Regeneration & Planning –

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