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20160804 Retail therapy and places to have a pie and a pint

Dear Adrian Essex,

Ella B has a question about EU citizenship. Lots of Crouch Enders voted to remain (Remnants?) whereupon Hornsey Town Hall demonstrated why it should not be sold off .
Shops / restaurants - perpetually interesting to Crouch Enders - a new Co-Op, the return of an old favourite bookshop, little movement at Middey's, or Bouga , orPiazza Italia, or Bamboo Burger, but great upheaval at the Great Northern Railway Tavern. Is there a question mark over Balkan Bites, there certainly is overDaniel Field. Celeste is launched on the CE scene, and here is some of the data you need if you want to be a CE shopkeeper
Karamel in Wood Green has launched a music festival and is a regular contributor to our events pages. David tells us of an evening of opera on 13th August and of adatabase of images of London - for some local pictures see the screenshot below.
Is Ella right to be worried about safety at Finsbury Park with the Wells Terrace entrance closed for a long time.
Priya introduces an alternative to the takeaway. Adrian confesses to being abookaholic, but still finds time to spot nearby  locations on the TV

A somewhat plaintive plea from Jim about Park Road School. I think the answer is 'Yes', but Jim probably wants names.

Events coming up include:
Lots of entertainment at Karamel, barely a walk away in Wood Green, and summer events at Bruce Castle Museum and lots going on at the Lordship Rec Ecohub
August 5th - Summer singing warm up
                     Games Night Fundraiser at Ecohub
August 13th - Operatic favourites in Highgate Village
August 14th - Gospel Concert at Union Church
September 9th - Singing Technique at the Picturehouse
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