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20160608 Imagine the Clock Tower is a Desert Island

Open Door - do you know of the Open Door charity helping young people, with anoffice in Middle Lane. I'm much too old to take part in their survey.

Middeys has made a decent effort to clean up its forecourt, while there are a number of new and changing faces around the place, including , perhaps, at what was Bouga

The Town Hall disposal rumbles on. Cllrs Strickland and Doron have launched a publicity thing, with a couple of articles, and the whole process is coming to a climax. And spot the difference between the two photos below.

On the shop front Flynn wonders how many co-ops we can support, Middeys revised frontage is approved, and Piazza Italia remains boarded up.

Planning queries include one about cellars, another about the Parkland Walk, and another about a rare orchid.

Hill Homes invite you to an Open Day on July 1st

Helena has written a blog about her book based Festival events

Events coming up include:
Lots of entertainment at Karamel, barely a walk away in Wood Green, and summer events at Bruce Castle Museum
June 10th - 19th Crouch End Festival 
June 10th Singing Technique
June 12th Health and Lifestyle market
June 13th Kids Yoga
June 14th and 17th - desert Island Books
June 15th Name Dropping Artists
June 16th London Calling
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https://gallery.mailchimp.com/a5ef319b652a8c583bf8c7029/images/fba7d6fd-5ef3-44b8-add6-2cbc27263fef.jpg" width="264" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0">

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