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20160122 An AGM and jaundiced restaurant reviews

Will you be going to the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum's Inaugural AGM? It's free, inclusive and child friendly. Every conceivable detail is on this link where you can register for a free ticket. Perhaps you'd like to be on their executive committee -let Norman know.

The Forum is now formally recognised by the London Borough of Haringey.
Adrian plans to ask the Forum what its going to do about Haringey's ongoing transformation.

The AGM will take place in Hornsey Town Hall. It is tremendous news that the lease with HTH Arts Centre has been renewed and more business space made available.

Adrian's view of local restaurants is becoming ever more jaundiced - is he right aboutPorky's , Cannon's and Middey's (which hasn't even opened yet). Thank goodness he's not been to Chicken Shop (Facebook link), where according to one reviewer, the chicken tastes like soot. Here is a link to Here which is also not yet open, but to which there are already strenuous objections. 
Carole though, fondly remembers Dunn's, (which was on telly recently) at least she will now I've reminded her of the name.
There has been a spate of mobile phone snatches lately, but the police held a reassurance session and apparently the bikers have moved on to more fertile grounds. Now I'm not an extremist , but I think they should be Hung, Drawn and Quartered.

Do you care about our Post Office?
Can you help Sally find a reasonably priced piano teacher?

Events coming up include:
Jan 24th - Weight Watchers
Jan 25th - Workspace viewing at Hornsey Town Hall
Jan 26th and following weeks - Baby Yoga
Jan 27th - 30th - Twelfth Night
Feb 7th - Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum AGM

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