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20130227 Have a Go!

Welcome to the new members who have joined recently - do invite your neighbours to join up too. Or, have you forgotten your OpinioN8 password - go to this page to request a reminder using the email address where you received this, and share your news and views.

Do you know anyone who might need Dial-a-Ride - if so pass on this information, please. And for a similar demographic this meeting for Neighbourhoods Connect and Warm and Well is on Monday at the Library.

There are several events where you can have a go Feb 28th Willow Weaving,  Free Sports and Activities and Family Tennis Coaching. Or you can have a go at the board of the Whittingtonon on  March 1st courtesy of Lynne F and here courtesy of DWHC .And please check out our other events. You never know, the Board of the Whittington might be right!

Banksy has made the news, though I thought he was a satirist, not an arts benefactor.

TheHornsey Depot project has re-awakened, as is the idea of apprenticeship, and Sophie wants some help with her project.

We do now have a new sweety shop on Park Road.

Simon has found some old and interesting film clips of Crouch End (see the mum leave her baby outside while she goes into the Town Hall on a bit of business!) and of Wood Green (plus ca change)

The Old Ashmount School site has a long running saga, and Simon has a saga of long runs

Haringey might be able to make your house greener, but runningwalker does not want to get the greens from Budgens.

And a well recommended cleaner would like more work in the area.

All the best


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