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20130201 Selling off the Whittington????

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Has anyone heard any more about school budgets - Adrian thought that more detail would emerge, but Charlie was pretty confident that despite the headlines no more money would

More media coverage for CE - following  The One Show where Declan Curry did a piece on Crouch End rents Councillor Winskill has written to the local paper suggesting we all spend one pound in every hundred actually in Crouch End

Last week we read of the  Metropolitan Police to rationalise their assets , this week we discover, quite shockingly out of the blue that the Whittington is also planning a spot of rationalisation here ,, here and here. So much for local democracy and consultation. There is a LibDem survey on police counters

Borough commander Looby has resigned

Don't forget to tell the police (MOPAC) what you think.

This year's festival is seeking volunteers, not only for the festival but for a spot of publicity work on Feb 23rd.

A group of local people is planning to meet to discuss licensing issues in the areas, especially BG Max. If you would like to participate then get in touch with me at opinion8@rocketmail.com

Events coming up include A tree Wardens Walk,  Stylus stories at the Three Compasses, the regular Harringay Market and the Deputy Mayor's Police strategy meeting.

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