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20120215 Local Businesses and Messy Play

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Its been two weeks since our last update.

In that time two local traders have vanished from the shopping streets Red Shoes (though the One Show link has now expired) and Two Wheels Good. I was a good customer of Two Wheels Good for some years when I cycled to and from work, but only an occasional customer in Red Shoes. But apparently we are going to get a new sweety shop near Banners. I'm pretty sure the milkshake shop near the zebra crossing has gone too. Lynne Featherstone has set up a poll to find the best local shops and Prince Charles has chipped in with moral (and actual?) support for Walter Purkis

The BG Max saga continues - this comment from Crouchendfriend suggests an appeal is due. If you would like to know more about this and perhaps get involved in the appeal process contact me by email at opinion8@rocketmail.com

Another continuing saga concerns our bit of the NHS over at Whittington and Lynne F has called a meeting to discuss the Whittington plans

There is a newish local website in the N8 area Nightingale News

In accord with the spirit of openness in local government Haringey has told us next to nothing in the latest iteration of plans for the Hornsey Depot

Simon and Helena have contributed blogs on very different forms of leisure activity

Have a look at our events for, amongst other things Messy Play, an Organ Recital at Ally Pally, a meeting of pensioners, and a Saturday Stress Buster at a nature reserve

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