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A free chapter - Download the first chapter of The Cleansing Flames by R. N. Morris

I saw this entry on Facebook recently in a Crouch End group, so I guess the author is local (North London is as much as he reveals in his profile).

This technique, of selling ebooks at very reasonable prices, has had some success. Apparently someone in America has sold very many books, described as execrable, for 99 cents each, and is now a best seller.

So I wondered where on the execrable scale R N Morris stands. £1.42 is about $2 so he's quite expensive!

He's 'borrowed' a character from Dostoevsky, a detective, and written a series of historical crime stories around him. Not a bad scheme.

His main character in the free chapter is called Pavel Pavlovich Virginsky. I like that he's combined the names of two behemoths of modern day broadcasting/telecomms to create a name. Very sympathetic to the whole technology based electronic format.

Did I enjoy the chapter - well, a bit. The sentence "This was more than spectacle, it was theatre." Feesl to me to be completely arse about face. The theatre is necessarily constrained with painted boards standing in place of real 3-D things. Its a place where your imagination adds the spectacle. So a real life warehouse fire, with gallons of vodka lighting up the night, surely deserves "This was more than a staged event in a theatre, it was truly spectacular". Details like this do get to me.

And then before the chapter is over, two complete strangers, one a magistrate, living in an atmosphere of paranoia and revolt, have confided a very great deal of information in each other and are close to becoming conspirators, which seems a bit unlikely. But then I did criticise the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for being slow off the mark.  

Still, its easy enough for you to read (just follow the links) and cheap, if you have a Kindle

For anyone who's interested, the first chapter of my novel, The Cleansing Flames, is available as a free download on my blog. It's a historical crime story set in St Petersburg in 1872, featuring Porfiry Petrovich, the investigator from Dostoevsky's novel, Crime and Punishment: http://rogernmorris.co.uk/download-the-first-chapter-of-the-cleansi... 
If you like what you read, you can get the whole book for just £1.42 on kindle here. Or if you prefer a paper book, you can get it from any good bookshop, or from amazon.

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I thought the conspiracy developed too quickly but this reviewer (Geoff Jones, Morris, R N - 'The Cleansing Flames) found it slow going.


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