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The Maynard began its latest incarnation at the back end of last year - see here (Maynard December 2011). I think that the transformation must now be nearly complete, and in my view it has worked a treat.

The most recent physical change is the addition of a patio on the pavement at the front of the building I do hope they got planning permission), which was packed at 6 o'clock yesterday evening. So far this is uncovered and clearly caters for the early evening evening drinker and smoker, and would be an absolute boon for anyone collecting registration numbers from passing cars. 

The seating area at the back is now clean and attractive and partitioned into an extension of the bar and an extension of the dining area. In yesterday's evening sunlight it was a delight to sit out there. Blackboards are widely installed - in fact almost every tree has one - to go with the physical changes to the pub, it will be beginning a pub quiz on Sunday April 1st.

So much so that having popped in for just one drink at 6 p.m. I found myself full of Eton and Windsor's Conqueror (a black beer - very much to my taste) applauding the Occasional Blues Band as they finished their first set around tennish. Hey Ho!

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PS. I've been wondering when the flowers will be planted on the wall? H

We visited The Maynard on the day we moved into Crouch End a few months ago, and have enjoyed many a pint of good beer there since. I wrote a blog post extolling the virtues of our new local and was complimented on the post by the staff when we next went in. This means not only do they keep their beer well but that they are also on the ball re what their customers think. Not bad?

Indeed. A great pub. The new benchmark in Crouchy. Staff are brilliant, smiley and remember faces and it's family friendly. 100% recommended.


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