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We've now tried a third pub quiz, this one at Kiss the Sky, and we're feeling a bit like Goldilocks. The King's Head we found a bit manic and weighted towards the younger members of the team , the Three Compasses a bit demanding and more for the properly grown up among us, but Kiss the Sky was just  Baby Bear's porridge, just right. That's not to say there's anything wrong with the other two, but our team make up, as it has been so far, an old bloke and some younger people seems to have found a niche.

The quiz only had four rounds and the quiz  master tells you which one is your joker round, so this wouldn't suit control freaks. And it is easily possible to score zero on one of the rounds, though its equally easy to avoid doing so. I confess I was on the point of walking out when I discovered our Joker round was on 'Tintin', a series of books I have never been able to get into, and now a film I'm almost certainly never going to see, but as it happened we scored 5 on the round, the same as on every other conventional round, so it turned out not too bad.

Once again we achieved our comfortable mid-table position, but just a few more right answers would have got us much further up the leader board. So, all in all a nicely judged quiz, with answers contributed from all round the table.

And Kiss the Sky is a bit unusual in that it's just a bar. No kitchen, no food, it just serves drinks. I've also enjoyed a cafetiere in there in Happy Hour for just £1.

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