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I had dinner at St James the other evening. My daughter has a card which offers 2 for the price of one on meals at some restaurants, and St James was good about accomodating us. The mood in the front bar was busy with a fairly small number of customers creating quite a buzz - the customers were more noticeable than the really pleaseantly discreet muzak.
Three of us shared a bottle of "full bodied Italian" wine (Musica) for about £25 which I enjoyed despite my preference for red.
Our main courses from the a la carte menu were haddock, salmon and steak. Each meal was beautifully presented and all three judged very good. We had afters, also pretty good, with two glasses of wine and and one of port.
Altogether the bill came to £86 including the dining card discount. I'd enjoyed it all enough to give what I regard as a generous tip to the delightful young lady who waited at table and took good care of our coats.

I'd cheerfully go back.

St James Restaurant and Bar
4 Topsfield Parade
Middle Lane
Crouch End
London N8 8PR

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