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The OpinioN8 pub quiz team did turn out for the Three Compasses pub quiz last Monday night (9th Jan 2012). My invitation to it was a it late so I took the precaution of providing my own team members. The team comprised myself, 3 daughters and a son-in-law. 

The Three Compasses is a capacious pub. Presumably at one time it had a public bar and a lounge but now it is all knocked thorugh into one. We sat in the front corner on huge comfortable welcoming leather sofas, a commanding position from which we could keep an eye on both entrances and see all the way through to the back where the pool table resides. The Crouch End Festival 2012 committee was holding a meeting - the substantial number of them (I really don't think you can have too many ,members on a committee) had pushed three tables together but even so there was bags of room for other customers.

Prior to the quiz we ate. I had a lamb, chorizo and sweet potato pie. What with the crunchy pie crust and chips I was thoroughly and contentedly stuffed. The fish and chips was deemed acceptable and the sausage and mash looked absolutely splendid. My team members drank Muscadet - I guess it must have been all right, they asked for more. I drank Temptation - a beer brewed in Tottenham - much better than all right.

As to the quiz itself - it was a total contrast to the Quizmas event at the King's head. At that event I, a mature wise person with a fair fund of general knowledge, contributed only two answers all evening, while the young people got our score up to respectability. The contributions at the Three Compasses were reversed (approximately), with my vague recollections of history and the law and geography coming into their own. And the atmospheres were very different - the manic nature of the KH contrasting sharply with the hushed almost reverent mood in the Three Compasses where all the questions are set and read out by the landlord.

By the end of the evening we had scored 45 points out of a possible 92. The winners I think got 61. If you want to take part, the results are posted on a notice board, and at the end of the quiz season (not sure when that is - the glorious 12th August perhaps when quiz team members are considered fair game?) there is a league table. In a fit of professorial ambition we had called our team 'Hawking and Cox'. Maybe for the future we should be 'Comfortable mid table position'

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