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Your Future W7 Bus Commuter Hell - see Town Hall Plans!!!!

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There is an extensive analysis of the transport impact contained in the planning application. The detailed Transport Assessment states: '..with twelve services per hour typically in each direction running along the W7 service, this could suggest an additional demand of twenty-six persons per service.'  and goes on to conclude '...against this background, it is considered that further discussions be had with LB Haringey as to how to address the projected impacts on the W7 service during the peak hours of travel in particular and in relation to the staging of capacity events within the Town Hall.' So the problem has been clearly flagged - what will LBH/TfL do about it?

Note that the developer is also proposing a private shuttle service between the hotel and Finsbury Park specifically for hotel guests.

Re cars, my understanding is that residents who do not have an allocate parking space will not be able to park a car elsewhere as they will not be entitled to obtain a parking permit.

Rob, thank you for responding, particularly since I have never ventured onto social media before.

However, as a daily W7 commuter from the Broadway to Finsbury Park and back (something I have done for the last 30 years, also when the W3 used to stop at the Broadway and Paul's paper stand was still located there); my observations are that the queue at time is already extraordinarily long sometimes stretching back to TSB Bank and you can wait a good 15 minutes to get on.

The W7 is not always reliable, you can wait 10 minutes at peak time then 3 turn up, often with the last sailing past. Also the queue back at Finsbury Parks truly bad even at 8pm.

The W7 Broadway Bus stop does not have the capacity for a longer queue, unless you are happy to join the back of it at Gail's??? (Perhaps you would like us to eat cake?).

I unfortunately have an learned distrust of politicians and councillor's, particularly their promises and analyses. I am an ordinary person who does usually stick his head above the parapet, but I think the good citizens of Crouch End need to think about the HUGE impact of this proposed (though I suspect that it is a done deal!) project.

Reasonable poster all things considered. Add in the 50-60 hotel guests on average, hundreds of concert goers, staff, office workers, restaurant diners, and anybody who used to park in the Library car park.

Without increased capacity at Finsbury Park and the Muswell Hill terminus it may be difficult to expand the W7 service. It's already one of the busiest routes outside of central London (the busiest?). And I wish these travel assessments wouldn't keep mentioning Crouch Hill station as if it was of any use to the vast majority of commuters.

Maybe the car permit thing will put people off - though it is possible to keep one as long as you're in a position to move it between 10 and 12 of course. Did anybody manage to glean anything really useful about hotel guests and concert goers? A lot of that traffic will be outside the 10-12 controlled hours.

A shuttle bus for a 67 room hotel? Is this usual? I've only ever used them for huge hotels with 100s of rooms - and then they're usual empty.

On first reading of the Travel Plan, which seems to place no little importance on the fact that the residents will be given a leaflet explaining the local transport and parking options - I came away with the impression that if no Travel Plan had been prepared at all, it wouldn't make a huge amount of difference. Maybe these extra numbers won't make an appreciable difference anyway? Maybe I'll read it again.

A shuttle bus for a hotel that is actually 67 self contained flats. Even FEC have said that the clientele will include weekly commuters, i.e. IT consultants who live in Peterborough and points north and work in the city. All probably wanting to get to work at roughly the same time. I suppose a shuttle bus might work.

I've not seen it mooted yet, but another possibility for temporary tenants in temporary accommodation might come from Harimgey's housing list. 


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