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Yael Bartana: And Europe Will Be Stunned - screening in the council chamber Hornsey Town Hall

There will be a rare opportunity to see the interior of Hornsey Town Hall and to catch up with recent Jewish/Polish thinking on competing nationalisms and militarisms, overflowing with the narratives of the Israeli settlement movement, Zionist dreams, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Palestinian right of return.

A trio of films with the collective title "Yael Bartana: And Europe Will Be Stunned" will be shown in the Council Chamber of Hornsey Town Hall from May 22nd to July 1st 2012 (Tue and Wed: 1pm - 8pm ;
Thu and Fri: 1pm - 9pm ; Sat and Sun: 12pm - 6pm)





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Kim Valdez
Crouch End Open Studios stunned as Big Art comes to Hornsey Town Hall

May 12th- the first day of the Crouch End Open Studios- an angel arrives with a message for the Open Studios to propage - Big Art is coming to the Hornsey Town Hall.

Suddenly we learn that our amazing Town Hall- which has been virtually inaccessible to Crouch End residents and artists for the last few years- will be hosting a film Trilogy recently shown at the Venice Biennale. Furthermore one of the films will be shown in the Council Chamber – a wonderful space that for reasons of Health and Safety has been inaccessible for perhaps 20 years will be used to present one of the films.
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Adam E Justice-Mills Amazing! I hope it turns into a regular (or at least organisable) venue for arts events.
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Chris J Arnold So how come the community has not been able to use the space but Big Art can?
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Amanda Carrara Good question, Chris!
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Guilherme Gustavo Condeixa ‎....errrr Artangel is a really great thing...I totally understand your views however on the other hand now that old "can´t use this space" excuse will not work anymore ;)
Yesterday at 01:01 · Like
Ivan O'pinion I was amazed to hear of this and have double checked with the council that the council chamber will be used. The reply I got is that it will. I don't know what has changed to enable it http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/yael-bartana-and-europe-will-...
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Kim Valdez Maybe nothing very much, just the right influences in the right places . There are places that us humble residents cannot expect to reach. Doesnt it remind you of the unfortunate situations the citizens of Greece and other indebted countries are facing...
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Kim Valdez I think there is a need for some investigative reporting here, and a call to Haringey Council to do some joined up thinking on behalf of its artistic and other communities. If we had known about this event, which must have been planned for several months, why could we not have shared the venue, BIG ART paying the costs....after all Artangel is subsidised by the Tax Payer, via the Arts Council.
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Chris J Arnold This all sounds like someone in the council or dealing with Hornsey Town Hall needs to come clean. I think we need a full explanation and transparency. If the community has been blocked and suddenly a non community group has permission something is wrong. Very wrong.
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Amanda Carrara Agreed, a splashy front page of the Journal, I think!
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Robin Stevenson indeed the problem is not ArtAngel who i am sure are going to do a fine production, it is the odd way that the council flat refused 2 seperate local community groups to use the space and yet another group can simply walk in...(also why is it fine for the bbc to use it and not anyone else?)
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Kim Valdez I dont think its that odd, the building is very expensive to run, and money has always been the main reason we are not able to use it. However the Council and Artangel (an organisation with public funding) could and should have seen that opening the building like this for 6 weeks (and I trust that Artangel are paying a lot of money for it) offered an opportunity to also support local artists and community groups.

I have received this email from Lorraine Sparkes. It is labelled confidential so don't tell everyone. It appears that we were all mistaken in believing that access was restricted.

Dear Mr. Essex,


Thank you for your question sent to David Williamson. Chris Arnold raises the question of the community being blocked in using the Town Hall. This is simply not the case; indeed we have actively sought proposals for interim use where this has been possible.


You will be aware that the council’s cabinet team agreed some time ago to lease the building to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts:



In addition to working towards this, the council and the Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust have been exploring options for interim use of the Town Hall and the Town Hall Square.


The building has been largely out of bounds for filming lets, which offsets the costs of maintaining the building in the interim period.  For example, The Hour has been filmed at the Town Hall over two series: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/hornse...


There was a photography exhibition in November 2010 (Roelof Bakker).


The council invited ideas for use of the Town Hall Square: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/community_and_leisure/time_out_in_...


An open letter from Cllr Goldberg was distributed to residents at the Hornsey Town Hall Area Forum in April (see attached pdf)


In addition, we have publicised summer use of the Town Hall via the council’s website and in the local press: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/news_and_events/latest_news/summer...


While we are keen to encourage community use of the building in the interim period, having the building fully open to the public is not viable due to health and safety and cost concerns. Consequently any proposals need to comply with clear criteria. In Artangel’s case they were able to address the conditions for use and contribute to the buildings running costs. If any other proposals meet the criteria and the Town Hall is not being used for other lettings, the proposal will be assessed on its merits. Such proposals should be addressed to hth@haringey.gov.uk.


To be successful, proposals should show how they:

-          ensure the security and safety and reduce the overheads of the building while vacant

-          help establish Hornsey Town Hall and square as a leading venue for creative cultural and community activities

-          provide public access to architectural features of the building



Kind regards



Lorraine Sparkes

For and on behalf of the Interim Users Group

Corporate Property Services


Interesting reply from the Council, especially with regard to use of the Town Hall Square:

'A temporary relaxation of licensing rules means the square can now be a trading place and a centre for occasional activities that are independent of the council.'

When the 'Made in Crouch End' group of local makers and designers suggested that an arts and crafts fair be held in the Town Hall Square on one afternoon as part of the recent  Crouch End Festival, the organisers met the relevant Council representatives and were told that trading would not be possible in the square because local traders might object! There seem to be some contradictions here!.

This link supplied by Lorraine mentions a Haringey consultation on short term use of Hornsey Town Hall Square finishing last November. This Haringey consultation results page suggests we are still waiting the results. 

The announcement that Haringey Council is relaxing its street trading policy for a trial ... is far from clear but it is dated 25th May 2011, implying that the consultation and the relaxation ended simultaneously! Lorraine's original link suggests that the relaxation may still be in place, until late 2012. 


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