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Perhaps I'm being unkind labelling it Yet Another Crouch End Coffee Shop, and certainly that end of town is not over endowed, just at present. Coming soon to 78 Park Road - the corner shop by the Maynard, only recently completed, Velasquez and van Wezel selling coffee with international influences, especially Colombia and Holland.

They say of themselves:

Oscar and Martin opened their coffee bar at Park Road in Crouch End in September 2016, bringing a new option to drink specialty coffee to this part of North London.
Although very much a modern style London coffee bar, the duo is bringing authenticity, and a huge passion for coffee. Oscar, Colombian born, grew up on a farm in the Andes highlands, east of Bogota. Coffee beans were grown and roasted on the farm.
Martin, Dutch born, remembers well the days that his granddad sold loose coffee beans, and the smell that comes with it, out of large tins in the family corner shop in a small town in the east of Holland.
Colombia and Holland both played their roles in the global coffee industry. Although coffee originates from Ethiopia, it was the Dutch East and West India Companies in the 17th century who brought coffee to wider parts of the world, first to Asia and later to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Latin America, including Colombia, became together with East Africa one of the two main regions in the world producing high quality Arabica beans.
At Velasquez and Van Wezel we are passionate about coffee, and are keen for our customers to experience drinking coffee of the highest quality. We are working with two of the best roasters in Britain, Square Mile and Origin, providing you with a variety of coffees to try and enjoy."

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I'm looking forward to this! Sound like they'll have great coffee and this area of CE lacks the buzz and trendiness of the Broadway.  Plus, I know I'm in the minority but I do think we can use more coffee shops in the area. The coffee shops in CE are always so packed on the week-ends and I do find it difficult to find a nice place to sit down with the papers. I will definitely be checking them out.


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