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Wrest control of Crouch End back from Haringey - come to a Neighbourhood Forum meeting in a pub

Details of the Neighbourhood Forum event here.

Three local residents are putting forward proposals to create a Crouch End Neighbourhood forum - given that this will be a formal body recognised by the local authority, the prospectus setting out what it will do is a long winded and formal affair which you can read here - Neighbourhood Forum Manifesto

So to put it in a nutshell, I think these are the reasons for chiipping and taking part:

1) It's not party political

2) The inaugural meeting is taking place in a pub

3) Haringey are useless - this group might have sufficient weight to put a rocket up Haringey's committe structure and get something done about the Hornsey Town Hall - for instance

4) There is currently money on offer from the Mayor to improve Town Centres - none of the other local organisations has the gumption to do anything about applying for it - maybe in concert this group could

5) Our town centre, and Hornsey's, are attractive places - part of the legacy for this group will be the conservation committtee, a group of people who understand how to argue against bad developments and for good ones

6) The Crouch End Festival is good - taking a joined up approach with this initiative will make it better

7) there are a lot of other reasons - read the manifesto - but you're probably bored already - please come to the meeting

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Can we campaign for Crouch End to leave Haringey and transfer to Islington ( or anywhere else.).


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