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Someone thinks we have the Worst Waitrose. What do you think?


I can't say I disagree tbh!

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The complaints - cracked floor tiles, unsightly sticky tape instead of repairs, and the almost impassable aisles as the shelves are perpetually restocked from huge and ungainly trolleys - may simply reflect the success of the branch. If loads of stuff is being sold then the shelves can't be left empty.

For myself I rarely get past the coffee counter - the staff are always friendly and they have got to know the freeloaders, such as myself, wwho only go in for the buckshee tea and coffee and whatever might be reduced from the pastry counter.

Similar complaints have been heard about other stores in the past - so most of my shopping is done in the local convenience stores.

btw - I think that being able to follow up on recurring themes may be one of the purposes of OpinioN8.

Whatever happened to the "plan" for them to expand into World of Books? All gone very quiet.

Just one of the images from the tumblr site. And a comment from Facebook 

every time I go in it looks like a a middle class panic buy bun fight - not a pleasurable experience at all

I went in this morning for my free coffee. The till on the coffee counter - en panne (middle class affectation)

One of the three self serve tills - upgebuggered (cod german - 4 references on google) - with queues at the other two.

Cashiers - one only - queues.

Too impatient to wait I had to boil my own kettle.


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