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Does anybody know if these two cafe's have closed down for good?


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Belgique is in premises where businessses tend to be short lived. Eat More Daisies lasted but a short while. I thought I saw a "refurbishment" notice in the window, but perhaps that's an optimistic shorthand for we might not be closing down.

I was beginning to be optimistic about World Cafe re-opening, believing there's something going on behind the blanked out windows.

Actually "pick more daisies" ran for several years; I used to meet members of the Ashmount School PTA committee there. However when it closed they posted a notice in the window saying that they had been driven out by a rent increase: this notice was taken down quickly and replaced with a landlord's legal notice.

But it makes me wonder whether Belgique, part of a chain, found they were paying an uneconomic rent...

Thanks for this - I have heard Nero is opening...wondering whereabouts.

Where Figo's was , next to Budgen's

I was really sorry to see Figo's closing down... I used to love the hot chocolate and the chicken escalope in ciabatta...

Yes I really liked Figo's.

When you went in mid morning Figo himself would often be there fast asleep in a chair!

I think that Belgique is closed for a refurb, but not much seems to be happening. World Cafe is turning into Blue Legume, of which there are branches in Stokey and Upper St already.

I've heard that Figo's will be a Percy Inglis bakery, just what Crouch End needs , another bakery. Apparently they own the freehold. 


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