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Word of the month - deculverting - let's do it to the Moselle

Deculverting appears as a word 1150 times on Google. Well who knew. It means taking a river out of the underground channels to which it has been confined , which confinement probably happened to suit the convenience of town dwellers. Human town dwellers, and possibly rats.

Well, now to suit the convenience of the burgeoning population of Haringey huge tower blocks are to be erected in the Haringey Heartlands, and this gives us the opportunity either to bury North London's River Moselle even deeper, or to bring it back to the surface. There is a plea on HoL to bring the Moselle back to the surface.

No point me repeating the arguments - pop over to the ever splendid Hol to get the low down, or Wikipedia for a bit of background.

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We missed the lost rivers of Haringey meeting on Wednesday didn't we. Ah well.

The huge development going through planning was mentioned on OpinioN8 before - http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/haringey-bit-in-the-middle-la...

- though I note that the link I stuck in to the consultation plans doesn't seem to work anymore, so I can't comment on the claim that the new planning application "bears no resemblance to the consultation". I think I'll go have a look at HGY/2017/3117.

Text below from the developer's website (2,531 cycle spaces! We're gonna need that cycle lane),...

In summary, our proposals include:

  • Delivery of the scheme to begin in 2018.
  • Approximately 1,697 new homes with a mix of tenures, including approximately 30% affordable tenures, half of which will be for affordable rent.
  • 100,000 sq/ft of employment space located adjacent to the ‘Cultural Quarter’ to the north of the site, 75,000sq/ft of which is for B1 use. The employment space will generate around 500 jobs for small and start-up businesses once complete.
  • Circa £24m to LB Haringey and £6m to GLA for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).
  • An improved building relationship with Hornsey Park Road in comparison to the previously consented scheme.
  • A network of new public pocket parks and additional green spaces including a new community park.
  • A walking route that traces the path of the Moselle River below.
  • A commitment to celebrating the identity and character of the site, including the integration of elements from the historic gasholders into the scheme.
  • 436 parking spaces and 2,531 secure cycle spaces.
  • Traffic calming measures along Mary Neuner Road and outside the pocket park on Hornsey Park Road.
  • We are committed to encouraging biodiversity and providing linkages to the green corridor along the railway embankment.
  • Space for an underground energy hub to facilitate a green heat network.

I note the 20 pages of objections from the Parkside Malvern Resident's Association, and the Officer's Report recommending approval anyway. There's a thing.

This is the Section 106 condition on the possible Moselle de-culverting. Bit of a high bar, but something?:

9. Moselle River

  • Reasonable endeavours to work in partnership with EA, LB Haringey and other partners to de-culvert the Moselle in the future
  • Test the water quality of the River Moselle (testing specification to be agreed) prior to commencement of development abutting the River Moselle, and every 5 years after practical completion of the development using the following sequence:

(1) Should the water qualify meet the bathing standard then St William will submit for approval by the Council a feasibility every 5 years assessment for de-culverting the Moselle;

(2) Should the feasibility assessment be approved, then a vote will be given to on-site residents;

(3) If more than 75% vote in favour of the de-culverting proposals, and all necessary consents are obtained, and if the funding is available (at no cost to St William), then the scheme will be implemented

(4) St William will undertake the works


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