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I have just received an invitation to my home email address from someone called Jessica Lerch at Nextdoor ( https://nextdoor.com  )

Included in the message is " My neighbourhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor Stationers Park. On Nextdoor, neighbours can post events and recommendations, share safety tips, offer things to share, and simply get to know one another better. I think you and your neighbourhood could benefit too.  ".

I want to get in touch to find out where my email address came from - any ideas? The address that the invitation came from is a no reply one.

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Assuming a slight typo perhaps  

Jessica Lerche 192.c0m

or Facebook

or possibly even

and as for where your address came from , have you ever signed up for a mailing list, the Lib Dems perhaps or Haringey or OpinioN8. Some will simply sell your email, others won't but may ne leaky in some other way. Nextdoor has a big market ing budget


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