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Having lived in Crouch End for more than 30 years I have become increasingly aware that the zebra crossing at the Wolseley Road/Park Road junction has become a lottery for dicing with death. There is an inordinate number of motorists turning right into Park Road who fail to see pedestrians on the crossing and drive straight over without any concern. This is in part a result of the difficulty of making the right-hand turn from Wolseley road due to the complete lack of control at the junction: when the W7 stops at the bus stop on the left side heading towards Muswell Hill, the traffic behind backs up, and no-one can turn either out of Wolseley Road, or into it from the other side of the road. It becomes a completely blind turning. The answer? Traffic lights at the junction  (to operate only/mainly at peak times). 

Next. to prevent motorists speeding down the hill that is Wolseley Road, speed bumps are required. Try driving out of Tivoli Road and turning right to go up the hill - a complete blind spot at busy times, and a speed contest when the road is otherwise quiet. 

I am aware that there has been talk of closing Wolseley Road/Shepherd's Hill to all traffic except local residents and the W5 as part of a traffic calming scheme, but as this may well fail due to all kinds of opposition, money made available for such a scheme would be much better served punishing drivers for exceeding the 20 mph speed limit, and installing the traffic lights at the Park Road junction. 

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Quick simple solution

Rule 174 of The Highway code states the following:

"Box junctions. These have criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road (see ‘Road markings’). You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right. At signalled roundabouts you MUST NOT enter the box unless you can cross over it completely without stopping."

A yellow box as described in the first two sentences is quick to implement. 

1. It is cost effective i.e. the cheapest option and can be added to if needs be.  

2. Quick to apply. 

3. The Council could trial a yellow box. If it does not work, the Council could then be asked to spend vast sums of money on street clutter of some description.  In regard to traffic lights there are various versions.  It takes a long time for approval because whatever the change the Council will have to go through the motions of surveying traffic conditions, consultations with the local residents and various bodies like TfL, ambulance etc, traffic regulations need to be changed, etc etc it all takes a very long time.  When traffic lights are requested there needs to be evidence of why they are needed and an acceptance particularly by the bus company's or TFL.   

Reducing clutter on the streets should be a priority - unnecessary street clutter reduces or narrows pedestrian and buggy space. Pavements should be easy to navigate to promote healthy living. Safe space for all pavement and road users should be a priority. Street clutter narrows pavements.   


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