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Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a local window cleaner? Not for a regular job, but just a one off. About fopur or five windows.



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I contacted Colin Budd Mobile 07805999958 as he had been mentioned a number of times on the Crouch End Facebook Page.  He did a brilliant job of my windows so can definitely recommend him.

yes we used someone called the english cleaning company .  They sent round Michael who was very consciencious and thorough.  they are also insured

Some from Facebook

Karen Mc Darren - 07905 365372. He lives in Hornsey and has been doing our windows for years!

Darren Kelco Colin L Budd
Mark Serlin These guys just called: Seem nice: they're coming tomorrow so we'll see. Dan 07960 179627 envirowindowclean@gmail.com

Olive Mangan Recommend Colin L Budd

Jude Hoffmann Yes Colin L Budd.

Jessica Sui-eng Tully http://knights-cleaning.com/work.html

Knights Cleaning | Established 1997 | Commercial Cleaning Contractors
Knights Cleaning Services offers an all-round cleaning
Brooklyn Louise Healy Quinn Darren Neal does Hermiston 07905 365372 x there may be another who does houses on that road but I know he does also x

Angela Elliott Thanks everyone.

Colin L Budd Hi if you need a window cleaner you can contact me on 07805999958. I can quote over the phone as have lived locally for 40 yrs. Although i can only work Saturday's as am booked out till march.

Thanks guy's .

Hi Mr Toasty,

Are you still in need for a a window cleaner? I have tried 5 different cleaning companies over the last few years, and the best one so far is Eva Cleaners. They are from East Europe i think and work hard on very affordable prices.

I'm not affiliated with the company in any manner, just very happy from the service.


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