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Anette has documented the mess caused by a particular rubbish disposal technique, namely the piling up of rubbish around a litter bin. Her examples have largely been black bags of rubbish with a few extra bits, and a couple of Veolia violet street sweeping bags.

The technique seems to be fairly widespread, now she mentions it. I saw three examples in very close proximity to each other on Tottenham Lane this morning and reported them using the Our Haringey app. Given that the practice does seem so prevalent , is it an accepted technique? What provisions are usually made for rubbish disposal for tenants of flats above shops? Or is it local shopkeepers trying to dodge the cost of rubbish collection? Anyway, its pretty unpleasant.

Click on the pictures to see the full report.

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If you live in a flat above a shop in Haringey then this is how domestic waste is collected:



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