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It is being widely reported that Boris Johnson is considering giving Tottenham money (£8.5m) to rebuild their stadium in Tottenham. This is appalling on many levels.

1. Premier League football clubs are awash with money - it is said that promotion for Blackpool was worth £90m - they have so much money that some of their staff are paid millions of pounds a year

2. Spurs were anyway on the point of rebuilding their ground to increase its capacity in order to make even more money

3. The incentive arises out of a cock up by Newham which has offered illegal state aid to West Ham - why are local authorities so inept? Some of their employees are paid a lot more than the Prime Minister - I wish I were so richly rewarded for fouling things up.

4. Spurs often publicises the good work it does in the community - revamping their stadium somewhere near White HArt Lane so soon after the disturbances could surely be achieved by negotiation for the good of both the club and the district - expensive lawyers and public money should not be involved

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Is it not that the wider gesture is to be seen helping a deprived area that was ravaged by violence and misery, giving the area a much needed boost?  I do agree that Spurs could well afford to fund this over haul themselves though - the money would be better spent on making the area safer and regenerating in other ways.

According to this table of Average Annual Salary per association football player the Spurs players could have a whip round, claim some tax relief, have a chat with a clever accountant and raise much more than £8.5m themselves, and probably make a profit on the donation. 

Rank - Team - League - Average Annual Salary Per Player (£)
1 Barcelona La Liga £4,775,894
2 Real Madrid La Liga £4,441,368
3 Chelsea Premier Lge £3,634,860
4 Inter Milan Serie A £3,622,122
5 Manchester City Premier Lge £3,539,981
6 Bayern Munich Bundesliga £3,489,735
7 AC Milan Serie A £3,409,606
8 Manchester United Premier Lge £3,082,739
9 Liverpool Premier Lge £2,979,884
10 Arsenal Premier Lge £2,872,666
11 Juventus Serie A £2,491,967
12 Aston Villa Premier Lge £2,323,264
13 Schalke 04 Bundesliga £2,128,494
14 AS Roma Serie A £2,042,868
15 Newcastle United Premier Lge £2,034,949
16 Valencia La Liga £1,767,531
17 Portsmouth Premier Lge £1,736,275
18 Werder Bremen Bundesliga £1,694,661
19 Stuttgart Bundesliga £1,609,928
20 Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga £1,599,760
21 Atletico Madrid La Liga £1,563,494
22 West Ham United Premier Lge £1,520,085
23 Sevilla La Liga £1,466,221
24 Hamburg Bundesliga £1,440,462
25 Tottenham Hotspur Premier Lge £1,427,671


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