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Election day on Thursday so I have to decide how to fill in my postal voting form. As you can see there is far too much choice. Each of the majorish parties (Conservative, Labour, LibDem and Green) has put up 3 candidates making 12. UKIP has put up Peter Thompson of 39 Claremont Road N6. And Lyn Weber, who has been an independent for a few years now makes 14. 

As I recall one of Lyn's objections to being a LibDem was the party's mindless opposition to whatever Labour does in Haringey, even if Labour happen to be right. This is certainly a massive irritant about the way politics works, and for this pragmatic approach Lyn will get my vote. She also does a lot of stuff - and publishes regular newsletters some of which we reprint here.

The Greens won't get my vote - they seem well meaning but  . . . ?

Labour won't get my vote - apart from anything else it's time Haringey had a change from being a one party state, plus the history at National level of profligacy, lack of prudence and warmongering are insupportable.

I won't vote Conservative because hardly any one else will in Crouch End, so that vote could be described as wasted.

I won't vote UKIP because the fruitcake allegation seems too close to the mark.

Which leaves me with the LibDems. Now they certainly are a persistent bunch - I've had letter after letter from them. Brian Haley came and knocked on my front door, but he has history - he ignored everything I said about speed bumps when he was a Labour councillor. So that leaves me with Sarah Elliott and Patrick Harte. 

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From Facebook

My response to the latest email from Labour - I'm posting here as Labour is clearly not reading my direct emails.

Dear Ms Harman

I was going to respond to this as I have to several other missives from Labour, the party I loved but swore to never vote for again as long as any Blairites are in the shadow cabinet. - yes, Iraq is still the ghost that haunts your party - but I can't be bothered.

I was on the fence re. you and the Lib Dems.

But the stinking, ineffectual, expensive, calamity-ridden, scandalous Haringey council that Labour has run for the 20 years I have lived in Crouch End, I can't ignore any longer.

So for reasons both local and national, I am sorry to say that I will not be voting labour.

Please stop spamming me.

Yours etc.

Shane Murphy


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