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Whittington Hospital Estate Planning - asses talking through their arses?

There is a considerable amount of hysteria about at the moment regarding the sale of parts of the Whittington Hospital Estate. See these articles:

Islington Gazette

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

It may very be justified hysteria. This extract from the Capital Estates Strategy document (written by a highly paid consultant) seems to say "We don't know wtf we are talking about"


The transformation is ongoing; the transfer of qualifying community properties to WH is planned for 31st March 2013. At present we do not possess full information relating to all of these properties. The due diligence process is ongoing. A lack of detailed information across the community estate, combined with a turbulent environment, means that our estate strategy needs to be flexible so that it can adapt as circumstances dictate. A considerable part of the strategy is therefore focused upon developing a series of propositions (principles) and policies that provide a clear frame of reference for ongoing decision-making. These basic principles and policies will therefore give a decision-making “anchor’ in a changing world.

According to recent medical thinking the cure for hysteria is a hysterectomy.

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