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OpinioN8 is aware of these two 'official' answers(?) , so far. The answer from Cllr Arthur, forwarded to us , seems to rule out TfL as the perpetrators. The other just adds to the suspense.

Hi Chris,
Below is a response from officers about the railings. Let me know if you have any questions on this.
Best wishes,
Dear Cllr Arthur,
I can assure you that the council regards road safety, particularly pedestrian safety, as a high priority and are keen to provide safeguarding measures to ensure vulnerable road users maintain accessibility throughout the Borough. As part of this process, we have adopted a policy to remove unnecessary clutter from our footpaths which often compromises pedestrian accessibility and safety.
To aid in this process, we engaged consultants to carry out a walking and cycling audit of our roads to identify locations in need of measures to improve the safety and accessibility of pedestrians and cyclists. The exercise also reviewed existing signage and street furniture with an aim to identify signs that could be removed or merged and any redundant street furniture, including pedestrian guardrail, that could be removed, in line with our policy. It has been found that pedestrian guardrail can actually reduce the effective capacity of a crossing; and may pose a particular safety hazard when people attempting to cross are delayed and then left stranded in the road when the pedestrian crossing period finishes.
The Crouch End was identified for pedestrian guardrail removal through this study. Before actually removing the railings a further safety assessment was undertaken  to confirm the suitability of the location; and only following this was the guardrail removed.
Cllr Jason Arthur
Cabinet Member for Resources and Culture
Labour Councillor for Crouch End
07812 677736

Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your email to Ms Tracie Evans. Our Road Safety Team will provide you with a response by 23 February. Our reference number is LBH/4005015.


Kind regards



Rosa Kelly

Lead Technical Support Officer


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