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What has happened to our railings on the Broadway? Most of them have disappeared sometime over the last few days. As a resident of over 30 years, now with some mobility problems, I found them extremely useful to rest against when out shopping - particularly as there is no public seating on the Broadway except around the Town Hall Green. I'm sure parents with toddlers don't welcome this new exposure to the traffic and cyclists did use them as additional parking spots (although I have to say I disapproved of usage for that purpose). Some of the businesses seem to think they were removed to facilitate repair of the pavements and that they are going to be replaced. Others take a different view - and it seems odd that some of the swankier railings around the clocktower remain whilst the others on the Weston Park side have been removed. I've emailed Sarah Elliott but she's 'out of office'.

The most bizarre explanation I've heard is that the culprit is not Haringey Council but Transport for London which is apparently responsible for the main arterial roads in London and they have a budget for removing 'street clutter'. The mind boggles. Last time I looked, pavements weren't roads. 

This has all the makings of a bureaurocratic nightmare. Anyone know what's going on? Can we get our railings back?

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Haringey is not good at consultation - I fear we are being softened up for a fait accompli at Hornsey Town Hall in the form of an onslaught of web pages 


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