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That's whither meaning 'where to', not wither meaning fade away to nothing through inattention. Rumours are appearing on Facebook that Middey's might not be.

I had a peer in this morning at the fittings. It looks like half deep fat fryers and half supermarket, with a side of order of dust, though the white out is being tantalisingly removed in an attempt to tease us in. My photos are rubbish because of the reflections

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Disappointing. I mean their lookout and all - but I fear the business model isn't a good one.

Of course, what the hell do I know...  except I seem to recall that Spiazzo originally opened as a rather good-looking delicatessen, but, as they realised only the cafe made money, they gradually trashed the interior in search of a viable business. And Crouch End's recent past is littered with failed delicatessens, as despite appearances it seems that neither sufficient footfall nor disposable income exist to sustain them.

With the right tenant this site could set the tone for the Broadway and the forthcoming redevelopment of the Town Hall (what would the developers make of a mini-market opening up in front of their carefully curated £100m project?). What we need is something sublime and life-affirming. Well okay, ...something not-crap then.

As I increasingly find myself saying about everything Town Hall related at the moment - maybe it'll turn out alright.

maybe it'll turn out alright. - Stranger things have happened - looks like we'll escape the EU, for example.


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