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Had a couple of hours out today at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. I just sort of went on spec, not to take part but to have a look. Luckily there was a rafting session going on, and its fairly spectacular. The website says rafting starts from £49 per person, which is a bit sort of steep, but the crowd I saw today got about an hour of actual rafting, which three or four goes round.

Just seeing that amount of water moving is impressive, but I imagine being on it (and in it) to be exciting. Each raft can hold up to 8 passengers and a captain. The captain sits at the back and uses his paddle to steer. He shouts orders (today all the steersmen were actually men) which the crew repeat and obey. It's not just a quick whizz round. The steersman makes sure you get some thrills, manoeuvering the raft so that it is broadside on or nose first into an eddy, so that everyone gets soaked. 

And just at the moment the site is being improved by ginormous earth moving machines, which a re a bit of a show in themselves

row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2

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