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I just sent an email to
Subject: I see there are 3 separate planning applications for Hornsey Town Hall
Dear Mr Hughes,
I see there are 3 separate planning applications for Hornsey Town Hall.
1. Given that I wish to object to the current plans - does this mean that I have to make three separate Objections to each separate application or will an Objection to one mean an Objection to all?
Or is one, i.e. HGY/2017/2220 (the main Hornsey Town Hall submission), the only one I should object to? I think that there is significant confusion within the community as I know my neighbours have objected to different applications.
3. Or will the council tally up all objections from each application???
His response:

I am away from the office,  returning 20th September 2017.  If you wish to comment on the Hornsey Town Hall scheme, please use the link below:



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Hi Jeremy. Please refer to the comments in this thread: http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/an-objection-to-the-planning-...

There are 4 applications.

HGY/2017/2220 is the main planning permission. Those at /2221, /2222, and /2223 are the associated applications for listed building consent (one each for HTH, annexe, and library). It's normal practice for an applicant to submit identical paperwork on each.

It's important to keep an eye on the /2220 application. Although comments can be lodged on any of the others (and the planners will consolidate them for report), important comments from Historic England, 20th Century Society, local civic societies, Haringey depts. (etc.) may or may not appear on each or any, but will certainly appear on the /2220.

For instance the comments on transport made by TfL only appears on the /2220 application.

James Hughes responded to my question, however for clarity I asked the following:

Dear James,

Many thanks for getting back to me upon your return.

I see that many people have recorded objections against the plans but not against HGY/2017/2220 specifically, i.e. they have recorded them against the related planning applications . I think like me they may have opened the wrong one. 

Will their objections be disregarded in respect of HGY/2017/2220, or will you consolidate all objections against HGY/2017/2220, particularly since their comments relate the the overall application, e.g. 7 storeys, etc????

James, kindly responded withe the following reply which has put my mind to rest:

Yes all objections related to planning (even if made on the LBC files) will be taken into consideration and added to the committee report.





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