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What would you like to see opening on Park Road?

With a lot of empty units on Park Road, what would you like to see moving in? What type of shop/restaurant/business do you think is lacking in Crouch End, and which you think would be well-received by Crouch Enders?     

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A £5 clothes shop for men

A 99p shop

Forgive my upmarket ambition

Probably not much chance, but would love to see a book shop in Crouch End again. 

A really good show shop. For adults. And with nice staff.
I meant shoe shop. Damn you, auto correct.
music shop and 99p shop!

Developments in Park Road:

  • something is happening in the ex-Bistro next to Banners. The front door has been painted white.
  • according to the Ham & High, Mirror Mirror is to be replaced by an "artisan upholsterer".
  • there is a licensing application in the window of the ex Rocking Chair Cafe - looks like yet another cafe coming.
  • the Dragon Chinese restaurant was granted planning permission to split itself in two, with one half becoming a takeaway, although there is no sign of this happening yet
  • the ultra-fluorescent nail bar must be opening any day now. I confess I don't know what happens in a nail bar, but I give it about 12 months before it goes bust.
Maybe it will be an Artisan Nail Bar. That should add a tenner at least to every transaction...
I'm officially depressed now.

Muddy Fingers?


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