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We’re less than a week away from the games and many of us are still wondering what travel on public transport and road is going to be like.
So far, London 2012 has actually been notable for the ways in which the apocalyptic predictions have failed to materialise. Here we are, less than a week from D-Day and the whole thing has been pretty painless for Londoners. But it's still all to play for.
The full version of the official travel guide www.getaheadofthegames.com has gone live - providing day-by-day guides to how the events will affect London transport. They are also on twitter @gaotg
In total, London will host 7% more visitors than average during the games period, with the largest number of these coming from the USA (19% of total expected arrivals), then Germany (8%), Australia, Italy and Canada. Visitors from BRICS nations (brazil, china, India, Russia and South Africa) will account for 9% of total arrivals.
Together, they are expected to contribute an extra 3m journeys a day to the public transport system, meaning that most of the day will feel like rush hour. London bridge is due to be the nastiest snarl-up in the whole network.
Meanwhile, Londoners plan to stick around until after the games, with 5% fewer departures expected during this period than the same time last year.

Interactive travel maps from TfL:

Public transport www.getaheadofthegames.com/travelinaffectedareas/city/london-public...l
Rail: www.getaheadofthegames.com/travelinaffectedareas/city/london-nation...
Roads: www.getaheadofthegames.com/travelinaffectedareas/city/london-drivin...

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You say the 'apocalyptic predictions' have failed to materialise - and yet we have anti-aircraft missile batteries installed in London as though we are expecting another blitzkrieg. G4S have managed to create a scandal by leaving a huge hole in the apparently necessary security precautions - so that now British soldiers are fighting on a front line in Stratford - admittedly looking for IEDs in handbags (and fizzy pop that isn't the sponsors?) rather than digging trenches. I'm sure they will win a lot of hearts and minds, unlike the PCS who surely must be mad to think that going on strike will win them anything at all, certainly not friends. 

I like your stats. Is 3m more journeys a day a big proportion of the usual number?


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