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If you were to look at the OpinioN8 page of members you'd see that the whole screen fills up with members from the United States. Regrettably this is not a testament to our internationally renowned debate and discussion but a very low key attempt to sell things.

In order to join the site it is necessary to answer a very simple question - not too difficult as I don;t want to discourage genuie new members - at present it is "What is the 2 character postcode prefix for the are covered by OpinioN8?" Apparently so simple that even American body builders can answer it.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to another question that will let genuine locals through but slow down the American invasion?

Thanking you in advance.

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Well the underlying problem is having a question that does not change, so once the answer is known, a spamming human can tear away.

 What is the name of the Tube station reached by getting on the W7 bus? (clue:It starts with F) it could be cracked in the end.

Adrian, like you, we used to get spammers but we now get almost none. Most seemed to be from the US or Africa. So I chose a very UK centric question which almost all people living in Blighty would know. There's an invitation for folks to ask (via email) if they don't know. I think we've have about 5 spammers since it was introduced three or four years ago.

I see that Andy at stroudgreen.org has introduced an invite only sign-up. Any member can invite another member or someone wanting to join can request a invitation code via Twitter. 

Thanks both. 

Changing the question to the bus routes worked for a few minutes - I fear the tube name may be too long for some to type.

Fortunately these people are not, so far, very determined spammers - they (he? she?) just post(s) a status and then subsides - I'll ponder the advice further.

I'll message you wit Option 2

Hugh - public thanks for your private message. I am following the advice.


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