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I was reading the blurb for a new album, Ypres, from a band I liked called Tindersticks. The music is designed for a new museum at Ypres. What caught my attention is that the orchestral parts were recorded at the Church Studios on Crouch Hill. http://www.tindersticks.co.uk/ypres/

I also remember from reading liner notes that Elvis Costello likes to record there, and the whole of the Juliet Letters he did with the Brodsky Quartet was recorded there.

The Church Studios website has a history section that mentions some other names...
http://thechurchstudios.com/history including Eurythmics and, famously, Bob Dylan.

David Gray was the most recent owner and his plans to sell it for flats prompted an outcry. It now looks like it's been fully refurbished and attracting a new wave of artists including U2 who recorded some of their latest album there.

Anyone else come across anything recorded there?

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OpinioN8's Twitter account has a surprising number of followers, now including WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) who have been working on the studios. Their story of the project is reproduced below. Read about the WSDG/Church Studios project here - which has a set of stunning photographs. More photos of the work in progress here

Looks like a lovely playground - I should have taken those guitar lessons more seriously!

Project Description


Built in 1855, The Church Studios was bought by Eurythmics’ producer/artist Dave Stewart in 1984, and reborn as a studio where he worked with artists ranging from Dylan and Depeche Mode to Annie Lennox.  Recording star David Gray purchased the studio in 2004 and further expanded its legacy of hits.  Committed to perpetuating the studio’s world-class reputation, Grammy and Academy Award-winning producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Cee Lo Green) brought WSDG on board to reconfigure the famed Studio A Live and SSL Control Rooms when he purchased The Church Studios in 2013.


The original plans called for a substantial upgrade to the monitoring system, and
the introduction of a writing room.  However, at the outset of the project it was discovered that isolation between the rooms was basically nonexistent.  The previous owners basically used the studios for either personal or ‘locked out’ projects. Sound leakage between rooms had never been an issue.  Although blessed with excellent “bones” and inherently pristine acoustics thanks to its liturgical origins, the studio required a total renovation because Epworth plans to host multiple artist sessions simultaneously.


Working closely with renowned London-based Miloco Services to coordinate studio installations and operations, WSDG designed a comprehensive restructuring of The Church Studios. Interior aesthetics have been drawn from a palette of subtle whites which may then be ‘colorized to desired mood’ by a sophisticated computer program.  The new, fully floated 352 sq. ft. Control Room A will continue to rely on the studios’ vintage, multi-platinum SSL console.  Control A will also be graced by new, custom-designed Augspurger main monitors.  The 438 sq. ft.  /11 ft. high ceiling Studio A Live Room will feature impeccably tuned custom designed wall and ceiling acoustic treatments.  The elegant, new ultra-modern 190 sq. ft. Writing Room includes a sleek, wall–mounted Data/Power Cable “box skirt” cabinet to support the uncluttered creative atmosphere.

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Look at the construction pictures!

Replies from Facebook

  • Tom Hodges Amazing studio, but apparently a bit of a money pit. Best of luck to the new owners.
  • Matt Kemp I'm pretty sure U2 recorded parts of their creepy iTunes stalking latest there. Adele's co-writer Paul Epworth is the new owner I think, so he's not short of a bob or two!
  • Tom Hodges How do you make a small fortune out of a recording studio?  Start with a large fortune.
  • Anatola Betts I'm sure Annie Lenox lived next door years ago and recorded "sweet dreams" At the church studios. Also, I remember seeing George Michael coming and going.
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There are some lists on discogs of who has recorded what at The Church Studios / The Church and The Crypt


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