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What next for the Arts Scene in Crouch End? Smoke and Mirrors?

Theatre forms a large part of the future in Hornsey Town Hall. Illusion forms a large part of theatre, as does suspension of disbelief. To get the full benefit of a play one needs to believe that one is in the Forest of Arden or a Streetcar Named Desire. So we perhaps shouldn't be surprised to both these illusion and disbelief in pronouncements about HTH. 

There is an article in "The Stage" which promises us a “future-proofed, modern arts centre”. I'd like to believe it but one of the things that is notoriously difficult to predict is the future.

We are also to look forward to “north London’s new Barbican”. Well, maybe, although central London's Barbican is home to a theatre school , many auditoria, a university, a huge spiralling art gallery, a massive library . . . . . . Another feature of the theatre is a little exaggeration if we plan to engage with with those sitting in the upper circle.

HTH's new residents Musion, provide holograms. I've looked at a couple, including the one here, from youtube. I'm sure they can do better - indeed they'll need to if they are to provide “an incredible, innovative, digital edge to [HTH's] arts output”. From this example what I see is a solution looking for a problem.

ANother element of many theatrical productions are the words. This quote also comes from the article and subtly combines cliche, malapropism, tautology and irrelevance, which does seem very modern, if not actuall quite future proofed:

Focusing on the needs of the local community and businesses is tantamount to our thinking. The new Hornsey Town Hall arts centre will be inclusive as well as diverse and will celebrate all forms of creativity and artistic output. As a member of the local community, I recognise how unique this platform is and I am privileged to be able to create a special place for curation, which will stand to become a major arts venue in the UK,

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