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April 2013 Newsletter from Cllr Lyn Weber


Housing, benefits, pot holes, rubbish and more.  Latest snapshot of news and issues below. 


Parking Tickets - Stanhope Road (Hornsey Lane to Avenue)

I had spotted that some of the CPZ road markings had faded, and requested that any parking ticket issued recently be reviewed.

21 tickets were issued between the 1st October 2012 and March 2013.  Of the 11 PCNs that were paid, 6 have been refunded, but 5 will not be as evidence suggests that while the markings were worn they were clearly visible.  Of the 10 unpaid, 7 have been cancelled and 3 are at various stages of the statutory process.

The markings have now been refreshed so please park carefully - no more refunds. 




It’s been a long journey for Park Road’s sheltered accommodation block.  Even though the decent homes funding for council estates was cut and everything slowed down I raised this block over and over again as in need of urgent attention. Things got so bad last winter that some of our elders were literally wrapping up in snugglys to keep warm.  Well now we’ve got action - the scaffolding is up, the rotten windows are being replaced, new boilers are being installed and a new roof is going up.  This will mean lower heating bills and the residents will be more comfortable.



“Bedroom Tax” – A perfect storm

For some residents it’s “the perfect storm”.  It’s all very fine encouraging shrinking families to move by cutting benefits, but there are very few one bedroom Council flats available for those who wish to trade down, and even less that are near resident’s work and their grown up families.

The human misery caused by worry takes a heavy toll, and the imposed changes are hard especially when individuals have no control over the supply and demand of properties.  There is no doubt that more one bedroom properties for residents, who are in vital and often low waged roles, are needed.  I can’t wave a wand and produce more homes but I can help to ensure residents are registered for ‘home swapper’, and push for the Council to build more new homes. 

The irony is that as residents move into debt the Council has a statutory obligation to house the homeless.

Whittington Hospital sell off?

I wrote to the Chair of the Trust, Joe Liddane, to get a few facts straight; attended a Whittington presentation to the Hornsey Pensioners Group and participated in a workshop held at the Hospital.   (See Whittington sell off – Feb 2013 written question and answers to find out what I gleaned.) 

However, change is needed and is inevitable else we risk losing any control and direct input to the Whittington should it end up being taken over by another hospital group.  Medical and surgical advances now mean less time in hospital, and treatments in the community are increasing.  But, the pace of change, good communications and safety need to be scrutinised to ensure all is in place to meet community needs and service developments.



Waste Management and Parking around Spurs.

Full recommendations will be published on the Haringey website. 

So far my role in scrutiny reviews has entailed listening and questioning Officers, visiting sites, and meeting with other boroughs to talk on how they managed similar changes and dealt with specific issues. 

The following gives a sense of our activities: 

  • Day visit to Edmonton Eco Park and BIFFA MRF (materials recycling facility).  Working as a picker is physically demanding, dirty, noisy and repetitive. The work involves standing by a conveyor belt and picking out contaminating items and improving the mechanical separation process.  It seems the main problem items are clothing, which can wrap around the machinery and cause expensive breakdowns, with cling film and crisp packets a close second.  Please do not put these in your recycling. 

A couple of other don’ts are: do not waste time tearing up cardboard, where possible flatten the packaging to fit the recycling wheelie bin; and above all do not put items inside each other.

We were told that Haringey residents on the whole are good recyclers and maintain low contamination rates. So you all get a ‘gold star’ – keep it up.

  • A visit to Tottenham on match day to review car parks around the Spurs stadium.  We spotted that some Haringey car parks lacked signage, are underused, difficult to locate, looked tired, unsafe and dirty; plus there seems to be an abuse of blue badges - which will be investigated. The visit to see what’s going on was informative and included the Scrutiny committee, Officers and local Councillors for the area. 
  • Seeing what happens in other areas of Haringey is helpful.  It puts a different perspective on resources and what Officers and Veolia have to cope with across the borough.


There is a new NLWA campaign “R£CYCLE – Can you afford not to?”  If you would like to know more you can see it on the recycling pages of NLWA’s “Wise up to Waste” website, wiseuptowaste.org.uk/recycle, or on NLWA’s YouTube channel at youtube.com/nlwagov


The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has published the quarterly waste and recycling figures for the north London boroughs (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest). They show an increase of 2.4 per cent in the headline recycling rate to 32.9% compared to the same time in 2011/12, which was 30.5%.  Well done to everyone who is embracing recycling.  Can we all do better?  Yes we can!  Land fill tax charges are escalating, it’s now £72 per ton to bury rubbish.   According to NLWA in 2013/2014 north London expect to pay over £13 million in land fill taxes.  About £1.5 million more than last year.  That money would be better spent on other public services in our area.  Please encourage householders, flats and estates to recycle more.



Street defects 

Roads up and down the country have had a surge in pot holes.  In Crouch End residents reported 101 defects via the web site in 2011/12 and 92 in 2012/13.

There is an inspection regime but our weather and general wear and tear can do a lot of damage very quickly.  A big thank you to the residents and residents associations who regularly help by reporting maintenance issues in their area. 

Information on the current pot hole and pavement intervention levels is on the Haringey website.  If you live on one of the following roads please make use of the report it system and let me know whether the system works for you:

Coleridge Road, Clifton Road, Russell Road, Dickenson Road, Weston Park and Gladwell Road.   

If you see a pothole or pavement defect surrounded by white marks it is in the repair system, otherwise please help by reporting them via Haringey website http://www.haringey.gov.uk/   your help is much appreciated.



Springtime clean up

It’s that time of year again when overgrown hedges, rose bushes and low hanging branches can cause pedestrians problems.  Rather than wait for enforcement to knock on your door please check that the public pavement outside your property is not obstructed.  Narrow pavements make it difficult for prams and wheelchairs to pass pedestrians, and the blind can be slapped in the face by a thorny overhanging rose or drooping branch. 

On the subject of clean ups and de-cluttering – do let me know the location of any redundant street furniture.  I will request that it is removed.



Message to resident Associations

Summer is on the way.  If a resident association has a summer event and wishes to book an Officer from any of the following to talk about their work at the event please make your request as soon as possible as Officer’s diaries are filling up.

  • Your local Neighbourhood Action Team
  • The Veolia engagement Team (Recycling and education focus)
  • Your local village Manager.



Currently involved in

  • School admissions, Benefits, Planning, Removal of paladin bins.
  • Rehousing, Council guttering, Drainage and rough sleepers.
  • ‘Sussing out’ re-organisations of the Whittington Hospital, Fire Service and Metropolitan Police.

Up and coming Event


Latest on my website




If you have any comments, concerns or praise about council services do drop me an email.


It’s impossible to write about everything that a Councillor gets involved in or invited to, but I hope there is something above that is of interest and helps towards a better understanding of your Council’s services.  



Let’s hope summer has arrived.


Cllr Lyn Weber


Independent Councillor for Crouch End


(m) 07814 238 100

Tel: 0208 348 9796





DATA PROTECTION: Whilst I will treat as confidential any personal information you pass on, I will allow authorised staff to see the information if this is needed to help and advise you and may pass all or some of this information to agencies such as the DSS, Inland Revenue or the local council if this is necessary to help your case.  I may wish to write to you from time to time to keep you informed on related issues that you may find of interest.  Please let me know if you do not wish to be contacted in this way.








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