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Does anyone know whether there were any objections to the licensing application for the new Wetherspoons pub in Crouch End which has replaced the popular All-Bar-One? 

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HI - I must say that I disagree with the thinking that All Bar One was a place for a woman to get a drink on her own.


I have no qualms whatsoever about stopping into most pubs for a quick glass of vino collapso alone on the way home from work - but All Bar One's are one place I wouldn't stop into! Awful music, full of awful sleazy mean who like said music, and rubbish bar staff.


The Devonshire Arms is nice and peaceful in the early evening, with big squishy seats to read a magazine in or whatever - much better.


It's just another pub at the end of the day so very surprised at the snobbery surrounding it.

Whether or not it All Bar One was a place for women to drink on their own is another matter.  

I'm just mentioning that the brief behind the design of the places was that it should be.  We're going back years though and a lot has changed since then.

I don't think there is any snobbery surrounding The Devonshire Arms - just mine and I'm snobby about everything so pay no heed.  It's just that some Wetherspoons I've been into in the past were not very nice but I'm reliably informed that there are some lovely ones and the one in West Hampstead is apparently the best pub in the area.

While I applaud the lack of music and TV, and I praise the availability of interesting and excellent beers, I find JDW bars to be universally dire.  Wetherspoons are mausolea for the world weary and the dispossessed. Not only do we now have one of these charnel houses in Crouch End we also have to put up with its smoking outspill, which permanently chokes the pavement, and the revolting carpeting that appears to be evidence that really bad things can happen on acid.  I'm not sure whether 'cheap',  'fake' or 'heartbreaking' is the adjective most applicable for this monument to soullessness.  Clearly, other opinions are available.


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