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One of my pet hates is satellite dishes, for two main reasons. First, when they proliferate they are ugly. Second, they represent for me Sky television - which has robbed me of cricket and rugby coverage on terrestrial TV and turned the nation into a moronic sleep walking tribe of association football bores.

Attaching a  satellite dish to a building in a conservation area where it can be seen from the street requires planning permission, which in a conservation area would never be granted. So whenever I see a dish in a conservation area I report it to the local authority. The local authority has the authority, but not the obligation, to enforce breaches of planning regulations. Towards the end of last year there was a rash of such dishes in the Crouch End conservation area, I think it had something to do with the World Cup. An officer from Haringey came and walked round with me and took away a long list of breaches. The list below documents progress so far. It is a slow business because of due process, and householders who don't reply. Immunity arises from cases where my report was submitted too late and a statute of limitations. I have redacted the actual addresses, to save the shame of those in breach.

Thank you Haringey's planning enforcement department.

  • Dish relocated to chimney butnoted a small new dish in front
  • Redundant dish now removed
  • Removed
  • Removed
  • Relocated
  • Relocated although immune
  • No response – further actionreview
  • Removed
  • Removed large dish
  • Removed
  • Dish Immune.
  • No response – further actionreview
  • No Breach
  • Large Dish is no breach becauseof its position however the dishprovides service to 11 flats abovethe pub.
  • No response – further actionreview
  • Both dishes immune
  • Dish ImmuneNo response – further actionreview
  • No response – further actionreview
  • No Response – Further actionreview

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Well done!


Satellite dishes removed from conservation area

But only 8 out of 35 according to this news item Not quite as well done as I'd thought?

Thursday 30 June 2011

A crackdown on unauthorised satellite dishes in a Crouch End conservation area has seen eight dishes removed or replaced with smaller dishes and action being taken against others.

Haringey's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Nilgun Canver, said:

"If you live in a conservation area you must get planning permission to install a satellite dish. Council officers can provide details of where and how you may install them and taking advice will save a lot of time and money in the end.

"Conservation areas are introduced to protect areas from unsightly developments and buildings. If people breach the planning rules then action will be taken."

The dishes were sited in Fairfield Road, Weston Park, Topsfield Parade and Hatherley Gardens.

Following complaints from residents, eager to uphold the protocols of the conservation area, planning enforcement officers surveyed the area and identified 35 unauthorised satellite dishes fixed to the front wall of properties.

Some properties identified have been referred to Homes for Haringey for action while action is being taken against a further four properties.


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