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Send us your children, you have nothing to fear...  come and get your lollipops, lollipops, come along my little ones.

(formerly Muddy Boots)

Some sort of American franchise operation apparently (link here and planning link here) - not so many in the UK, so your children will be guinea pigs (that is one pound one shilling, mathnasts).

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Word Problem Wednesday - Hi there. Did you know that some people are very worried about the future of the British High Street. Today's problem looks a bit closer at this modern day phenomena. 

If Mary Portas was "really quite worried" (that's a 7 on scale of 1 - 11) about the future of Crouch End's town centre when it only had a few American franchises , like Starbucks and Costa and Subway, how worried will she be when she finds out about Cuts for Kids and Mathnasium and MyGym EnterprisesSee if you can come up with the solution today and come back tomorrow to compare your answer with ours!

And as a bonus question, how likely would you be , on a scale of 0 to -9 , to buy a franchise from a company that promises a new puzzle every Wednesday but hasn't provided one since March 8th 2017?

Note that Costa is not American. It's owned by Whitbread plc.

I'll let Mary know!!

Zippo's loses a billboard, Crouch End gains untold sums


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